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This place rocks! I’m a DJ and rely on my laptop to run at at its best when I’m working. I had one laptop hard drive go bad and these guys were able to install a new drive and restore all my files like nothing happened. I also have a commercial size brother print,scan, copier that had a paper feed issue and they were able to get new parts and fix it plus cleaned the inside within hours. I was shocked and amazed! These guys are the real deal and I will take everything I have to them!

Joe G.
Petaluma, CA

I brought my computer the Same Day Computer & Copier a couple of weeks ago.
I spoke with Marty he sounded great, so I brought my computer in for
viruses, Not only had viruses it was fixed in the Same Day Computer & Copier. They charged me
$180.00 and that was great service and turn-a-round.

Barry W.
Petaluma, CA

Wonderful experience. Accurate quote and same day service. Friendly professional helpful staff and the barking dogs made me feel at home. Five stars and two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Claudine G.
Novato, CA

The folks at Same Day Computer & Copier took a look at my computer with the idea that it would need more memory–turns out I was getting warning signals because the settings were too high. After switching these, they returned my computer but didn’t charge for the time they took. They saved me money, didn’t make a sale, and won me as a customer. I’d definitely go back; they place the customer’s needs first.

Tara W.

Same Day Computer & Copier and copier is a fabulous company. Not only were they able to help me with my devices but I have referred them to several friends who they have helped restore broken or dead computers but they have even custom built computers for some.
Their customer service is surpassed by none. Marty and his staff are always there, smiling and ready to serve.
Awesome business, staff has incredible skills, prices are quite reasonable.
I will continue toi highly recommend their services to all I know and Meet in this area.

Mike R.
Petaluma, CA

I have had the chance to work with Same Day Computer & Copier many times over the past year. I’ve sent many referrals their way and all have come back happy. I have had 2 consultations and diagnoses about my own systems and have been quite happy and surprised at the knowledge, affordability and prompt responses. I would highly recommend them.

-Ryan K.
Petaluma, CA

At my office we decided to have U-verse installed. And for some insane reason I thought it would be fine to do it right before one of our HUGE events. Because what could go wrong? A couple hours of installation and 18 Mbs of Internet power was what I was promised. Well, the AT&T tech guy totally screwed up and basically told us “I did what I was supposed to do, it doesn’t work, you’ll have to get your IT guy in here to fix it.”

We were dumbfounded, as we would expect an AT&T tech that is tasked with installing Internet to actually leave, oh, I don’t know, once the Internet was working again? Tech-y poo couldn’t even tell us what was wrong or how to fix it, just that he had to leave and that his supervisor insisted he could not stay any longer. I’m wracking my brain to think of any other profession that a supervisor would insist his employee LEAVE before the job was finished but haven’t thought of any yet. But I digress…

We called Marty, he made it down to our offices within a 1/2 hour. He immediately started working on the problem, he talked to the AT&T tech-dud on the phone, who was just as unhelpful on the phone as he was in person. No, he couldn’t come back; no, he couldn’t contact his supervisor; no, he couldn’t just install the old Internet again.

So with little to nothing to go on, Marty managed to circumvent the issues AT&T caused and get our computers back up and running on the Internet. I could go on about the Static IPs and all the silly 00s and what the problem was but, as I am not fluent in tech-talk, the gist is Marty is awesome and he knew how to fix the problem.

Not only did Marty save our butts, but he was super friendly and had us laughing despite our incredible frustration with the situation, and he actually fixed a few additional computer and email issues he noticed while fixing the Internet. We would recommend Marty highly to anyone having computer troubles!

-Jenny H.
Petaluma, CA